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Monthly picks (June Edition)

It’s the end of the month, so once again we gathered our favorite campaigns/projects/marketing and design news and chose our monthly picks. We hope they’ll help you in your everyday work, inspire or motivate you. If you like them and would like to chat a bit more, feel free to contact us here.


My win for the month is the „Let’s move“ campaign by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the WHO. The campaign, in celebration of Olympic Day, challenges the audience to get active and finally schedule a workout or engage in any form of physical activity in their daily routine, even if it’s just doing side leg raises while snacking. 😁 The world is moving faster than ever, but people are moving less. So, this is a clever way to convey the message that we all have time, but we tend to put ourselves and exercise at the bottom of our priority list. The campaign carries a much deeper message, but above all, it’s about finding time for ourselves!


There are many AI tools that can help your everyday work just so much easier and one of those things are image upscalers. Just a year ago it wasn’t possible to upscale an image, the only thing you could do is downscale it. People share photos on social media and chats all the time where images get compressed a lot and are not usable for print materials but then they ask you to design a billboard with those photos…Here are two website that I use on a daily basis which work pretty well:
www.imgupscaler.com and www.upscale.media


The last thing that I was impressed with and I can say it stands out, out of all is definitely the last Jacquemus campaign (fashion designer who stands out with his different and unusual fashion shows and store windows…). The well recognized Jacquemus bags were cruising the streets of Paris, which you can’t help but notice. With this campaign, they showed their interest in designing oversized tote bags, and it also pushed the boundaries for us in terms of what we can expect next.


During my visit to Croatia in June, Karlovachko (my favorite beer 😊) decided to present a fun summer TV commercial to the new member of their famous beer family. The city of Karlovac and its inhabitants are the main protagonists of the advertisement, which shows the most creative methods of cooling off during the summer heat. Fogin’s legendary pool and courtyards in Dubovac provided a phenomenal scene to showcase the hot summer atmosphere. The ad shows how we don’t actually choose ways to escape the summer heat. There is pouring water from a basin, strategic positioning of fans in the apartment, but also putting your head in the fridge… Of course, Karlovac’s new ice beer is the best way to cool off. At first hand, this new lager beer is extremely easy to drink and full of flavor, which was achieved in the Karlovac brewery with the near-freezing filtration method. There is also a label with a thermal effect that changes color to indicate the ideal temperature for consumption and quick cooling on the river or sea beach while hanging out with our loved ones. As always, JOB WELL DONE! 🍺


I still don’t know in which aspect the Dove campaign touched me more. Since I have recently become a mother, do I think too much about where the future is going when it comes to social networks, AR technologies? Or because as a woman, I see more and more how young girls from a very young age have the same and perfectly full lips, big eyes, highlighted cheekbones in the photos they publish daily. Beauty brand Dove called their global influencer-led community to turn its back on the trendy Bold Glamor filter – a piece of AR technology that presents a worrying ideal of ‘beauty’. Definitely at the right time and in the right way, Dove manages to launch an initiative against those exaggerated, unrealistic filters and photos. After only 24 hours, there are also wonderful reactions and support for the campaign, which then turned into the #NoDigitalDistortion movement.


I’ve always been a sucker for carefully thought-out messages that can be explained and understood through a single image. Burger King has been doing it really well for a long time, but their most recent “Late Breakfast” ad particularly impressed me. With just one word modification of the famous saying “The most important meal of the day”, they successfully encapsulated the spirit of the main “guilty pleasure” after every outing in the city. I mean, how can you say ‘no’ to a burger after the disco with a campaign like this?


I strongly believe that as in life, the “Less is more” approach in marketing can often lead us to the best solutions and results. This has proven to me once again with the latest campaign by Match, which shows that when you have genius copywriting (and you know your audience pain points) you don’t really need anything else.

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