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Monthly picks (May edition)

When you are working in a marketing agency, it’s simply impassable not to follow everything that it is happening in the industry, both locally and internationally. Kicking off this month is our new blog series “Monthly picks” where we will give props to creative work done by other agencies or creatives that we liked, or were inspired by, or we simply think are worth your attention.

So, from now on, every month, some of our team will highlight their favorite marketing campaigns or activities and give their thoughts on why they think these examples are worth sharing. Here is what Iva, Bojana and Oliver liked most. Enjoy 😊


Oh my dear friendsss, I’m so excited!

The absolute winner of the month for me is the newest campaign for the Patelina pâté. Ovation Belgrade has managed to make the Patelina pâté interesting and make you remember the product’s name after watching the commercial only once. You will still play it a few more times and the song will still ring in your head days after 😊At first the tagline „Тако фина“(it can be translated as „So delicate“ or „So nice”) might not seem so powerful, but their connections to the product is very nicely done and it leaves plenty of room for building a long-term communication platform. I really hope they continue the collaboration with the „legendary“ Knez, especially if they plan to open new markets.


I can’t think of a any IKEA commercial that I have not said it was a stroke of genius. 😊

Time and again, they manage to perfectly capture all the small imperfections of everyday life and show just how good they know their audience.  In their latest campaign, released just in time for Mother’s Day, they showed once again that as long we have a powerful and real (slightly imperfect) story with which the audience can identify (probably all parents can identify with this one), the product can safely stay in the back, unused. Or as they like to call it “Proudly Second Best”.


How in the marketing industry has not heard about Halli, has been seriously missing out on some very interesting projects. He recently published his latest work for a new banking institution in Iceland that does not want to be called a bank. How would not want to own a car with such a cool design? 😊