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INSTAGRAM REELS – What’s trending

Back in 2020 we meet with Instagram Reels for the first time and in one of our previous blog posts we went through some of the most significant benefits of using Reels in your communication. Today, when Instagram Reels have become an integral part of any marketing strategy, it is time to check out some of the most popular types of Reels that your brand should try in 2023.


Every time we talk about quality content marketing, we point out that one should always try to offer the audience some added value or try to educate on a new or relevant topic.  The fashion industry started the “DYI” trend, but the concept was quickly adopted across all industries, and now we can find Instagram Reels that show how to assemble your own furniture, how to make Christmas decorations and take care of your houseplants. The basic idea of these types of Reels is to show the audience, step by step, how they can create something new, often with things they already have in their homes. This is a great way to demonstrate the professional approach and knowledge of your team while offering something valuable to your audience. Search the #diy hashtag for some inspiration and start gathering ideas for your first video. 😊


It is no secret that Instagram Reels are actually a response to the growing popularity of TikTok’s. In this regard, we can see how certain “sounds” – segments of audio recordings or songs that challenge the audience what to do during that sound – dance or act are becoming more and more popular on Reels. The idea of these Reels is mostly to entertain the audience. Search for trending sounds and try to join a trend or maybe create a completely new one, we’re sure you’ll have a lot of fun in the process 🙂


As you may already know, the Instagram algorithm is prioritizing Reels videos, therefore they are becoming the first choice for sharing any relevant information with your audience. Reels videos can really help in situations where you want to directly communicate with your audience. So next time when you have some important information to share, make sure you include Instagram Reels in your communication. Instagram reels can also help in educating your customers about your product or service. Bring together the most frequently asked questions about your business and share the answers in a more engaging way.


These days, the young generations are getting louder and louder (especially on social media) about important subjects and questions in their communities and the world. But it doesn’t stop here. Young people strongly expect brands to join the conversation and share their voice for social causes. Brands that act on important issues in our society and contribute in overcoming them,  gain a serious advantage over the competition. Think about the topics and issues where your brand can make a real contribution and start discussing them in your Instagram Reels. We are sure that you will achieve a lot of positive feedback from your target audience. But have in mind that just talking isn’t enough and real action is necessary.

Are you ready to start? 😊