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We do things right – Influencers Edition

We’ve been working with influencers for a while now, but this latest collaboration was really something special 😊 We partnered with modernizam.i.renesansa, the most popular comedic profile in Macedonia, in promoting the latest personal care by Philips, One Blade. Although the Modernizam i Renesansa profile itself has a very specific way of creating content, which may not be very promo-oriented at first sight, they managed to create a perfect blend of funny and useful, and executed probably the most successful influencer campaign in our country so far.

The fan comments ranged from “a new era in marketing” to “influencers should take notes”, while the click-through-rate and engagements showed excellent results as expected. Check out the 2 most popular Reels from the campaign, and contact us if you’re thinking about collaborating with an influencer, we already have some ideas 😊