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It’s time for Insta Reels!

by Ivana Dzarevska

Insta Reels have gained high popularity for a reason. They have opened up a new opportunity in creating and sharing short and engaging videos backed by music. Thanks to them (and Tik Tok videos as their predecessors) now anyone can be a creator of original video content. Instagram Reels are the perfect opportunity for users, but also for brands to express themselves in a new and more engaging way and offer fresh content more efficiently.

Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t leave out Insta Reels in this year’s marketing strategy:

They’re here to stay

Unlike Instagram Story, Reel video remains visible on the profile as long as you want.

Increase brand awareness and connect with a larger user and customer base because Reels are accessible and visible, even to those who don’t follow your profile. This makes posts accessible to existing followers and equally attractive to new, potential ones. In this way, you also create a loyal community that can share and comment on your videos, and even create remixes of them. Reels content opens up a new space to connect and interact with your audience, don’t miss out on it!

They’re more visible.

Because this is one of the newest and most popular formats on Instagram, the algorithm of this social network gives preference to Reels and thus greater visibility and greater possibility of sharing. The platform itself encourages the creation of short vertical videos up to 60 seconds, and instead gives secondary value to the previously massively used photos and Stories. Reels videos have a 2.54% video view rate, compared to Instagram video content which has a video view rate of 1.74%.

They leave space for storytelling.

End users of social networks receive a lot of information from different categories every day. Reels offer the opportunity to stand out and cut through the noise with short, interesting videos which will attract and keep the attention so your brand can communicate all relevant information with your audience. Animate your audience in a way that they find interesting and want to spend their time on.

Still wondering if Reels are the right choice for you? Contact us, we’re here to answer all your questions and introduce you to the world of Insta Reels!