drag the shapes & find balance

Time is ticking away…

Trust us when we say that with every second that your brand spends away from TikTok presents a step behind your competition. There is no more time for excuses. Get toy work and show the fun side of your brand.


Remember, the more awkward is feels, the better 😊 TikTok is a platform where your brand should show it’s authentic and human personality, the one behind the cameras. The beauty of TikTok videos is the imperfection, honesty, humility and the ability to make fun of yourself. Showing your company and your employees in real time and light, instead of creating the perfect and ideal picture will help you to establish a closer relationship with your target audience more efficiently and effectively and get to the much desired conversations.

The good thing about TikTok is that no one expects and looks for perfection. On the contrary, here we can be ordinary, approachable and mundane. And yes, we know that a good video takes time to conceive, direct and edit, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. No one expects a professional camera and lighting. The idea, the message and the way you present it are important.


Trends last for several days, which means you only have a day or two to react. As soon as you notice a new sound, filter or idea showing up more often on your “For You Page”, think of a way to repurpose it for your brand, and start recording. Only first responders take advantage of the full potential of trending content (increased organic views, clicks, likes or comments).


This is not a place where you put the product up and say “buy today”. TikTok is a platform where selling services and products is perceived as pushy and repulsive.

Think long-term. Think about how your brand can become the first association in the mind of consumers when they have to choose a product or service. Develop a discussion with the audience, give them something useful, make them laugh or inspire them. Work on making a good impression on the audience, once you earn their attention, the rest will come much easier.


Influencers are the only ones who can freely advertises products and services on TikTok, so let them do the selling part. They have already built their own communication style on the platform and know how to make even direct sales seem subtle and non-intrusive, yet clear and interesting enough to appeal to their audience. Together with influencers, encourage your audience to participate in a competition, do duets or comment what they think about your products. The results will come very quickly. 😊


Some posts achieve results really quickly, some take longer, and some just aren’t that good. The important thing is that only the persistent succeed. Keep recording 😊


The platform is invented for those who have a small “attention span”, so try to catch the audience’s attention in the first few seconds. Although you can upload videos up to 6 minutes, try to keep the original concept from 15 to 30 seconds in order to make them easier to follow and not lose the audience’s attention. Tell the main point in the first few seconds, and if you don’t have enough time, invite the audience to visit one of your other online platforms, which of course you can link to the TikTok profile.