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Complete rebranding of Amstel on the Macedonian market

Undertaking the comprehensive rebranding of Amstel in the Macedonian market was both a pleasure and a challenge. Following Amstel’s corporate guidelines closely, we executed a thorough overhaul of its packaging, accompanied by a robust campaign to introduce the brand’s refreshed identity.

Upon successfully crafting the new aesthetic, we launched a campaign to unveil the redesign to a wider audience. A significant highlight of this initiative was the creation of the first locally crafted video advertisement for Amstel in Macedonia, a milestone achievement for us.

The primary objective of the video was to showcase the new label design from various perspectives, ensuring it resonated with the audience without being overly aggressive or dull, while upholding the high production quality synonymous with Amstel.

The key message and visuals were centered on the fresh packaging, highlighting that while the appearance is new, the quality and taste remain unchanged.


Complete rebranding of Amstel

The complete rebranding of Amstel in the Macedonian market involved the following activities:

  • Label design for bottled packaging
  • Can packaging design
  • Conceptualization and production of the first entirely locally produced video content for Amstel in Macedonia
  • Media planning and purchasing for digital platforms
  • Content creation and management of social media communities
  • Design and production of posters and flyers
  • Branding for key accounts and markets – design and production of hangers, wobblers, shelves, and other point-of-sale (POS) materials
  • HoReCa branding – design and production of posters, table tents, and branding materials for bars, cafes, restaurants including posters, table tents, coasters, openers, etc.

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