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Monthly picks (September edition)

We’ve made a new selection for the best campaigns of the month.

Check out what we’ve prepared for you this time! 👇 And please share your impressions. 😊


I might be a little bit late with this campaign (it was launched in august), but it is definitely worth mentioning and sharing. In their newest campaign, KFC take on a new perspective on their well-known headline „Finger Lickin’ Good“, this time from the point of view of utilities. 😊 Aside from the great production, what I most like about the campaign is that the great visuals are not at the expense of good storytelling (which is often the case lately) and that by the end of the commercial you are actually hungry.


The latest TikTok phenomenon, “Tube Girl” caught the world by a storm and some of the brands were totally ready for it. Days after becoming viral, we can see the Tube Girl – Sabrina Bahsoon promoting Mac Cosmetics lipsticks, making Spotify playlists and even walking the runway in Milan with some of the world’s most famous models. A quick reminder that the power of TikTok is increasing with an incredible speed, and real-time advertising these days means reacting in a matter of seconds.


Tube Girl 🤝🏽 M.A.C Girl @maccosmetics #ad #MACstudioradiance

♬ Glory – Gabriels

 When you’d think the summer campaigns had come to an end, for Pepsi with summer winding down, there was room for one last, epic summer campaign. In the past few days, Pepsi announced its brand new campaign under the name “The Street Is Full of Surprises”. The video was shot in Alexandria and throughout the ad, you can see the beautiful scenery of the city and the best oriental food. Pepsi has collaborated with famous soccer players Dejan Lovren and Egyptian King Mo Salah. The purpose of the ad is to promote Pepsi’s new release, Extra Fizz. For a short time, the video received millions of views on YouTube and of course high praise for Salah, Lovren, the brand and the idea of the ad. For sure I can say that Pepsi can be crowned as one of the best brands for launching creative campaigns. 👏


It’s difficult to capture the audience’s focus, to be original and striking at the same time, but L’Oréal Paris succeeded in its latest campaign for its new liquid lipstick. When they launch a new lipstick that’s supposed to help you make an impression, then the campaign to announce it should do the same, right? 🙂 The announcement video about the new lipstick definitely left an impression and reached 3.5 million views in two days (now the number has doubled). According to L’Oréal, the lipstick’s formula is designed to last up to 16 hours, not smudge or transfer, and the shared video is a great way to highlight these features. Although I have no real interest in the lipstick, the video managed to grab my attention to take a peek and understand what it is all about and in my opinion a super original way to launch a new product.

You can watch the video here: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CwxHjNrIZS3/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=3108033d-94e4-4368-a474-ba32c457015a

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