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Monthly picks (July Edition)

It’s that time of the month when we do a brief summary of the campaigns and projects that caught our attention this past month. Take a look at our favorites, and you can write us yours here 😊


What a brilliant piece of work! Castore’s stunning “Summer of Sport” campaign, crafted by the skilled hands of creative agency FCB London, used an X-ray of Andy Murray as the carrier creative to depict the harsh reality of sport.

The aim of this campaign, which built on the already established “Better Never Stops” platform, was to highlight the partnership that Castore had established over the years with legendary athletes and sports teams.

Congratulations to all involved! 👏


From the first moment I saw the provocative poster, I knew I would like the idea. A campaign that arouses a feeling of anger in every woman, a campaign that shows a situation in which many women have found themselves at some point…. Followed by a clear call to action and a “chance” to get rid of that negativity. L’Oreal managed to make a campaign that no one can remain indifferent to and at the same time be a support for every woman. 😊


For the lovers of 2D animation, Alan Becker’s team is the team behind this masterpiece. Alan Becker is an excellent animator, mainly known for his old original animations “Animator vs Animation” which broke record views in the first years of YouTube.


Nowadays it is not easy to attract the attention of the buyer. Some brands definitely understand this very well, and are not afraid to go a step further to achieve it. A great example of this is Maybelline’s latest campaign. To promote their latest sky high mascara, Maybelline adorned the front of selected London Underground trains and buses with huge lashes, on which mascara was ‘applied’ with huge replicas of their latest mascara brush that were placed in various high-street locations around the city.


📣 All aboard the Sky High Mascara Express ✨🚄 After hitting the NYC Streets, we’re taking over London💂🇬🇧 We are on the move with #SkyHighMascara elevating your lash game to new heights🌤️ 🌇 it’s guaranteed to serve limitless lash length 📏 and full volume😍 #Maybelline

♬ original sound – Maybelline New York


Storytelling 101! It grabs your attention right away, maintains your interest, and just when you think you know what’s going to happen, in the end, you get a subtle but perfect twist to the story. I rarely watch an ad twice, but this one somehow stuck with me.

Also, it’s the second month in a row that I chose a campaign that is related with food, so next time, I’ll try to make my decision when I’m not hungry.😊


To create buzz around their current summer sale, Gymshark pranked their potential customers by bringing in fake or altered famous personalities into their store on Regent Street in London. Not only did it generate a lot of excitement, but chaos ensued in and around the store. The number of passersby surely exceeded expectations, and the name of Gymshark spread through social networks. Numerous photos were taken and shared, reaching a much larger audience. Their prank was a big hit!


Pranking our London store with celebrity lookalikes… 👀 #meme #prank #lookalike #Gymshark


Till next month 👋