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Monthly picks (August edition)

It’s time to take a brief retrospective look at the most intriguing marketing campaigns that, according to us, we often revisit multiple times. Check what captures our interest and share your impressions with us.


The Audible advertisement leaves a impression upon first viewing. It’s not something revolutionary, it pertains to the classic, well-established concept of well-packaged advertisements, which unfortunately seem to be rarer nowadays. In the usual sequence, victory comes at the very end. If you enjoy British-style humor, this is precisely it. The director keep us in suspense for 25 seconds just to reveal the victory in the last 5. I appreciated the contrast of the scenes, the unusual energy, and the fact that throughout the advertisement, it “tickles” you into wondering why the girl is laughing. It’s a good indicator that with a solid idea in just 50 square meters, without a hundred locations, a good advertisement can be created


My August favorite is this simple, yet very effective outdoor campaign by ALDI. I always love an unorthodox approach to markets that already have certain rules and regular practices in communication, and that is why I loved this example which shows that job posts don’t need to be monotone and boring/ Great copy, awesomely connected to the visuals – a creative that is worth sharing, attracts attention and interests and will definitely be a topic of many conversations.😊


Hyundai Motor Company has exciting news for soccer enthusiasts worldwide by announcing the launch of its expanded global Goal of the Century (GOTC) campaign. This campaign coincides with the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand taking place in July and August this year and is all about celebrating the extraordinary journey of women’s football and promoting inclusivity on and off the pitch.

The goal of this marketing campaign? To combine the rich history of women’s football with Hyundai’s vision to support the Women’s World Cup. The main message reads “See how far we’ve come, and I think the ad is really extraordinary.” A tribute to all those who have played a part in the history of women’s football, including Hyundai who has been a passionate supporter of the game since 1999.


Whether you’re at a children’s show, taking a stroll in the park, waiting for your veterinary appointment, or even on a date, уou can also shop concurrently. Тhe online marketplace/platform Ocado, in its latest campaign, illustrates how people are prompted in unexpected and indirect ways to place their online orders or update their online shopping baskets. Ocado actually emphasizes completing one of our primary tasks, shopping, in an interesting way – with ease and without effort, in any situation. The campaign is titled “Inspired Choices,” and it will not only make you laugh but perhaps also resonate with you or you will be inspired to make an order. 

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