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Traditionally, part of our team attends Dani komunikacija, a conference dedicated to communication, innovation, and creativity organized by the Croatian HURA and IAB. Every year, we come back enriched with knowledge, lots of inspiration, and a desire to do great things, and this time we made an effort to highlight the things that impressed us the most, hoping to transmit some of the beautiful energy that still „fuels“ us 🙂


The first thing that comes to mind when DK2023 is mentioned is definitely Toshihiko Tanabe’s presentation. Honestly, it struck a chord with all of us, creatively and culturally, that we are ruining the industry by trying to make brands something they are not. Not everyone has to save the world or have a grand purpose. It’s okay not to have one. We’ve seen superficial campaigns for social responsibility. It’s easy to tell which ones are done out of love and which ones out of obligation.


Rory! When I saw the announcements for the conference, I was thrilled that we would be able to hear Rory Sutherland live, and it was definitely the highlight of the conference for me. So much so that I was nervous before his presentation, afraid that something might go wrong and he wouldn’t appear 😊 After watching so many videos of his presentations, the experience was exactly what I expected. From the idea that we are „selling“ creativity wrong to the seemingly simple solutions to complex problems, what impressed me the most was the point that if the answer to a problem is not a definite and absolute „no“ then there are many solutions and options; we just need to find them.


In Rovinj, at Days of Communication, it’s always beautiful. Maybe this year there were slightly weaker speakers compared to previous years, but there were a few noteworthy ones. The main theme of this year’s Days of Communication was AI, how it works, what our future holds, and how we can live with this technology.

We need to be realistic that this is not a tool that will be of great benefit to smaller countries like Macedonia, especially since no one knows if we will have full access to the information database. James Whittaker, a former employee of Microsoft, the FBI, and Google, hit the nail on the head with his presentation. AI will lead many people to lose their jobs and redirect themselves toward new professions. Of course, in Macedonia, this will happen slowly because events from the world sometimes take a whole decade to reach us. However, global giants like Google, Amazon, and META will be able to significantly reduce their workforce in the coming years, saving billions of dollars. After all, it’s all about money, isn’t it? 😊 Nevertheless, AI will also bring good moments, especially because, unlike humans, AI has no ego. Combinations of knowledge and information that will fill the system will lead to some new revolutionary solutions, better results, and definitely faster results. However, I’m always more in favor of the idea of „Let’s sit down for a coffee, meet as people” 😊


Besides Rory Sutherland, who, in addition to his extensive experience and knowledge, also captivates us with his great enthusiasm and energy, another favorite presentation of mine was „Don’t Let ‘Purpose’ Ruin Our Industry“ by Toshihiko Tanabe, former creative director at Dentsu Inc. Although his style of presentation was much more calm and casual compared to Rory’s, Toshihiko’s key messages were equally significant.

In a time when all brands are in a constant race to show and prove how much they care about various social issues, Toshihiko’s message, conveyed through real examples, was that nicely packaged advertisements alone are not enough to bring about real change. Big brands can spend millions on campaigns that promote diversity and inclusion, but a single click is enough for consumers to discover that their management teams do not truly reflect these values. That’s why everyone in the industry needs to take a step back and look at the real ways in which we can create the world we want to live in, which was the main message of this year’s Days of Communication 😊

Аnother favorite moment, Boris won a quiz on digital marketing and pop culture knowledge 🙂