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New Year’s campaign for Ladna

Holiday campaigns are among the most popular endeavors for marketing agencies, including ours. The holiday season itself is inherently inspiring, offering brands and agencies ample opportunities to share stories and connect with audiences on a deeper, emotional level.

One of our favorite holiday campaigns is the “Meaningful Conversations” campaign we created for Ladna.

The campaign comprised a series of questions and discussion topics, presented in the form of designed posts that were shared on Ladna’s social networks for one month. Designed to encourage the audience to engage in meaningful discussions and prioritize quality time with loved ones, the campaign infused Ladna’s online platforms with positivity, fostering messages filled with love and understanding.

With a 220% increase in profile visits, a 150% increase in Instagram interactions, a 440% increase in Facebook interactions and over 9000 comments and positive reactions, Ladna has proven that a friendly approach and open conversation with the audience is what makes the real connection between brands and audiences.

Some of the questions we asked the audience:

Some of the responses and comments from the audience:

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