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Integrated campaign

Campaign for supporting victims of domestic violence

Creating a communication concept for a campaign that addresses women who are victims of domestic violence and invites them to apply for free psycho-social and legal assistance was a challenge, as it is a sensitive topic that is often not reported due to the victims’ fear of stigmatization and lack of support from relatives and society.

campaign key visual

Don’t hide. From others… or from you.
Speak openly about your problems in a safe environment.
We are here for you.”

Our primary challenge was to create a message that is sensitive, empathetic and respectful of the victims’ experiences. The main slogan of the campaign WE ARE HERE FOR YOU, as well as the complete creative approach and implemented activities communicated with the victims that they are not alone, that there is support and a way out of the situation of domestic violence.

We worked on the following marketing activities: ​

  • Concept development and production of a video ad​
  • Concept, development and management of a web site www.tukasmezatebe.mk
  • Billboards production, planning and buying 
  • Content creation and community management for social networks​
  • Organization of educational, open events throughout Macedonia​
  • Influencer activation​
  • Organization of TV interviews with representatives of organizations ​
  • Design, production and distribution of promotional materials – notebooks, flyers, bags, pens, flyers in supermarket baskets, etc.
kvinna campaign billboard
Kvinna events