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Vip: Voting with Debeliot Kraj

Year: 2018
Client: Vip

We’re very happy every time we get a chance to make a campaign out of the ordinary known to our market. For the end of 2018 we organized a campaign like that “Community Awards” with Debeliot Kraj and Vip.

Along with the vloggers from Debeliot Kraj, we gave a comical approach to the voting of the best of the year. The guys from Debeliot Kraj created the whole song with lyrics from comments that were left on the Facebook Page of Vip in the past year. The largest announcement was made with a video that we developed along with KAT production. Debeliot Kraj presented the following categories:

  • Funniest writing mistake
  • Most interesting comment about Slavcho
  • Best hate comment about Vip
  • Most interesting Instagram post
  • Best positive comment about Vip

The winners in each category got a Huawei Mate 20 lite, and both videos got more than 750.000 views on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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