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Vip: Treasure Hunt

Client: Vip

Year: 2019

We got the assignment to promote the new offering by Vip, Vip Go Social which gives the users free and unlimited usage of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

One of the ways to inform the audience about the new offer was of course through their favorite influencers. Again, we wanted to transfer the message in a unusual and fun way so we organized personalized assignments for each influencer that were combined in the first big  Vip Treasure Hunt.

Each of the influencers got 3 separate assignments and had to use at least one social media network to complete it. The hunt took please at 3 separate locations (one of them a Vip store) and by each completed task the influencers were provided with instruction for the next location and task.

During the campaign the @vipmk Instagram profile got 30.108 impressions with an average reach of 2.026 users per story and 1.158 tap backs.

All of the given assignments for the Vip Treasure Hunt were successfully completed. 🙂


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