Bul. Partizanski Odredi 43а 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Lashko Pivo: The Lashko Way

The story of the Lashko man.
  • Client: Pivara Skopje
  • Year: 2018

The campaign was based on the concept “You know how”, one recognizable characteristic for all Lashko fans. The experience, style, need for top quality combined in one, show how the Lashko man knows how to make the right choices.

For this campaign we developed three videos showing the everyday life of the Lashko man – the beers typical consumer. We presented his daily routines, the places he visits, how he likes to have fun…Each of the videos was also adapted to the lifestyle and needs of the viewers. Through the additional videos and post on Facebook and YouTube, the fans could listen to the Lashko man’s playlist, play chess with his friend from the barbershop or enjoy the beautiful view from his rooftop.