Bul. Partizanski Odredi 43а 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje City Mall: Women’s Day Campaign

Client: Skopje City Mall
Year: 2021

The largest shopping center Skopje City Mall and we realized a campaign on the occasion of March 8 – Women’s Day, which lasted 7 days and aimed to make women happy, satisfied and proud of themselves.

“You look beautiful today!”, “Smile, today will be great”, “You can do whatever you want” are just some of the messages that appeared on billboards throughout Skopje. The messages were set in order to make the passengers-by smile and cheer up, and they were also an announcement for a great holiday shopping in the mall.

The main activity was the making of a video, in which the ladies were given compliments that made them smile and brighten their day.

The campaign also included influencers, PR announcements, complete branding of the mall, banners on relevant Macedonian portals and of course mini gifts for passers-by in the mall.

The care and attention of Skopje City Mall for the ladies is every day, but we especially showed that with the activities for the women’s week.



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