Bul. Partizanski Odredi 43а 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

MYLA: Say stop

Client: MYLA

Year: 2019

Together with MYLA, we developed a communication campaign for the USAID-supported project “Closer Then You Think” which was aimed at educating and raising citizens’ awareness of human trafficking. For the campaign, we opened Facebook and Instagram profiles, and for further education and easier access to information, we have developed the web-site www.kazistop.mk. The web-site is available in Macedonian and Albanian language.

The campaign began on the International Day against Human Trafficking (July 30) with a PR campaign and billboard featuring a different day and night story. In the campaign, we included locally relevant influencers who raised their voices in the fight against human trafficking on their profiles. Additionally, we did a photoshoot that resulted in motion photos that showed the opposite reality of everyday situations.

To wrap up the campaign, we filmed a video with US Ambassador Kate Burns, in which she called everyone to join the fight against trafficking.



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