Bul. Partizanski Odredi 43а 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Granap: Social Media Content

Client: Granap

Year: 2015 – today

When Granap entered the market in 2015, the positioning of the competition was already rooted deeply. We needed a new and fresh style of communication that will distinguish the brand from the much more powerful competition, and that will position Granap as innovative, different and empathic.

With Granap we managed to create a communication platform where quickly we gathered loyal individuals to communicate with the brand on a daily basis. We managed this by understanding the story behind the brand and by continuing to add value through the communication on Facebook and Instagram.

Granap’s Facebook page quickly developed into a place where people from Skopje could evoke memories from the period before and after the earthquake, read more about the local traditions from every neighborhood, find out more about famous buildings, restaurants, clubs that are long gone or closed and mostly to enjoy in the little thing from everyday life in the past they forgot about.

Regular promotional posts about thing you can buy in the market are published as secondary content, really rarely. This way the public connects with the brand thanks to quality content that is not directly connected to the main business, but to the story behind it.

In the past year, the page has a 14,7% engagement rate from an average of 90.000 unique people reached monthly. We publish around 10 to 15 posts monthly, which together have more than 5K likes on average.


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